March 14, 2017

Pwera Usog (2017) Trailer Impressions: Teenager's Prank and its Horrific Consequences

Pwera Usog is a 2017 horror film from Regal Entertainment under the screenplay and direction of Jason Paul Laxamana starring Devon Seron, Sofia Andres, Joseph Marco, Kiko Estrada, Cherise Castro, Albie Casino, Aiko Melendez, and Eula Valdes slated for a March 8, 2017 theatrical release. Let's check out what this latest Regal horror film featuring new stars has to offer.

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Pwera Usog
Plot / Synopsis

Ang pelikulang PWERA USOG ni Jason Paul Laxamana ay kwento ng isang typical millennial barkada, adventure seeker, curious at internet-savvy. Ngunit isang hindi inaasahang pangyayari ang mararanasan nila simula nang biruin nila ang isang pulubi na pinaglalaruan pala ng isang masamang kaluluwa.

Pwera Usog 2017 Regal horror film featuring Sofia Andres and Devon Seron

Maniniwala kaya sila sa USOG? O sa masamang KALULUWA?
Sabay sabay tayong manood ng kakaibang fun-horror barkada movie on March 8! In Cinemas nationwide!

Source: Official Facebook Page

The film is about a typical adventure seeking, curious, and internet-savvy millenials in which after pranking a homeless individual who so happen to also be haunted by a malevolent spirit, their lives were never be the same again.

Watch Pwera Usog (2017) Official trailer here:

Official Pwera Usog (2017) Trailer Impression
Pwera Usog (2017) Film Trailer Review

Pwera Usog 2017 Regal horror film featuring Devon Seron

What can be said about Pwera Usog (2017) official movie trailer? Well, first up the trailer for the film looks crisp which is not really that big of an accomplishment (and deal) as this film is backed up by a major Filipino film company (Regal Entertainment). Whether the film will have a good cinematography is yet to be seen. Pwera Usog is another horror film that uses a Filipino superstitious belief as its theme just like its predecessors; earlier Filipino horror films like Sukob, Pagpag, and Bulong. It is really odd to use the superstitious concept of "usog" as a film's main focus for a horror film but Regal somehow made that possible. They probably might weave "usog" into the story but I don't know if we should commend them for creativity or loathe them for laziness.

Pwera Usog 2017 Regal horror film featuring Eula Valdez and Aiko Melendez

Pwera Usog at a glance seems to be a conveyor belt film which I can't even categorize as a passable film. It seems to be one of those debut films for Regal's up and coming stars; a small investment for a company like Regal. If you think about it, this is probably why they use "usog" as its main theme or title and uses some Filipino showbiz newcomers that the rest of the cost probably went to the two veteran actress in the film, Aiko and Eula. Well, I am a big horror fan and almost seen most of them, but when I watched the trailer for this film all it solicit was some chuckle and face palm. You have a set of unlikeable millennials doing some stupid things (like what most of them do nowadays) and the film somehow expects us to sympathize with them on their journey o solving the problem they set in motion in the first place. The Pwera Usog trailer makes the film looks forgettable and laughable, but that's just me. You probably might be a fan of these new stars and be much more forgiving in this mediocre trailer for a mediocre film.

Pwera Usog 2017 Filipino horror movie title from Regal Films directed by Jason Paul Laxamana starring Devon Seron, Sofia Andres, Joseph Marco, Kiko Estrada, Cherise Castro, Albie Casino

How about you guys? What do you think about this film about "usog?" Are you familiar or a fan with the new stars serving as the film's main protagonist in the film? Share your thoughts and opinion about Pwera Usog (2017) in the comments section below and let's discuss about it.
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