May 7, 2017

Bliss (2017) Trailer Impressions: A Dark Journey Down the Rabbit Hole of a Broken Actress

Bliss is a psychological thriller from Artikulo Uno Productions under the direction and screenplay by Jerrold Tarog starring Iza Calzado, TJ Trinidad, Ian Veneracion, Shamaine Buencamino, Audie Gemora, and Adrienne Vergara with a May 10, 2017 theatrical release. Let's check out what this R-18 psychological thriller from the same makers of Heneral Luna has to offer.

Bliss 2017 Filipino movie trailer impressions psychological thriller film trailer review Pinoy Movie Blogger

Plot / Synopsis

Spoiler Warning: Detailed Plot Synopsis courtesy of Referenced Source Material. Read at your own risk.

Bliss revolves around the character of Jane Ciego (Iza Calzado), an actress on the verge of burnout. This prompts her to produce a film to boost her chances of winning an award but which only results in her literal downfall. That's because Jane figures in an accident in the middle of a 30-hour shoot. The accident has left her paralyzed and she becomes "trapped" inside a house with her husband, Carlo (TJ Trinidad) and a nurse, Lilibeth (Adrienne Vergara).

She wakes up everyday to the same scene, looking up at a smoke detector. Carlo would serve her breakfast, leaving only after asking her to sign a check to buy equipment for a restaurant.

All throughout the film, Jane would hear voices and other noise inside the big house. She would often follow the sound, only to wake up as if she was dreaming.

Bliss 2017 Filipino psychological thriller featuring Iza Calzado as Jane Ciego, Shamaine Buencamino, and Audie Gemora

While Jane is trapped inside the house, the other characters go about their business. There’s Lexter Palao (Audie Gemora), the director of Jane’s film, who hopes that she gets better so she can promote her film. There’s also Jane’s mother (Shamaine Buencamino), who also wishes the same thing so she can go on living the life of a stage mother.

The film also shows the backstory of Rose, a nurse wanted by authorities for sexually molesting her patient. It turns out that Rose was in the same audition as Jane when they were younger, but failed to make it into showbiz. She became a nurse, and a fan of Jane.

At some point in Jane’s repetitive life, she becomes confused whether she is living her life or dreaming of a scene from her movie. Her husband Carlo turns into Joshua (Ian Veneracion), and she becomes Abigail. Jane’s sanity begins to crumble as the horrors pile up in a symphony of blood, tears and madness. What was supposed to be a simple dream for Jane soon becomes an endless nightmare.

Source: ABS-CBN News

Watch Bliss Official trailers here:

Bliss Official Trailer Impression
Bliss Film Trailer Review

Bliss 2017 Philippine psychological thriller film from Artikulo Uno Productions with Iza Calzado winning the Yakushi Pearl Award in the 2017 Osaka Asian Film Festival

What can be said about Bliss (2017) official movie trailer? Well, Bliss official movie trailer has piqued my interest. We really don't have that many Filipino film titles that falls under the psychological thriller genre, so when something like this comes along, it probably is worth taking a closer look. Does it automatically indicate quality? Well, not really but for what Bliss trailer has showcase it seems to be so. Oh, don't take my word for it, take the recognition given to Iza Calzado with the Yakushi Pearl Award in the 2017 Osaka Asian Film Festival as a testament. All seems well, right? Not quite yet as their next big obstacle is the MTRCB and its initial X-Rating classification.

Bliss 2017 Filipino psychological thriller movie from Artikulo Uno Productions directed by Jerrold Tarog from Heneral Luna controversy when MTRCB initially slap an X-rating

One of the biggest newsmaker and free "unintentional" (?) publicity for this film is when it was initially given by the MTRCB with an X-Rating for scenes featuring prolonged frontal nudity, excessive violence, and masturbation (More info here), but later on got an R-18 rating after submitting their appeal to the ancient conservative prudes at the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board. Who knows, maybe those initially "controversial" and "alarming" scenes (recognized by an international Film festival) from the film were left on the cutting floor as according to the specifications of the moral and conservative connoisseur of the MTRCB lead by MTRCB chairperson Rachel Arenas and their shining board members. Should I name them, well that is already overkill on the roadkill already. Well, in a land of conservative Catholics filled to the brim with Star Cinema romantic movies, it was probably really so scandalous to include blood and "gratuitous" scene that should never be seen or done by adults... NOT! Hahaha but I digress, we are already making so much commentary on a matter of taste and moral righteousness of the MTRCB that we have forgotten about the film that can only be compared to a "little Hollywood film" called Mulholland Drive from 2001.

Bliss 2017 psychological thriller Filipino film from the director and studio of Heneral Luna

I was really invested and was like asking so many questions about the trailer. We have already ruled out the supernatural element as its genre doesn't indicate it as so, all we have left now is a thought-provoking film. Who dunnit, why, and how will it end? Although most of the identity of the characters have been showcased in the Bliss movie trailer. It was really only became clear when you read its synopsis which might be a spoiler in itself and thus why I included a small spoiler warning in the Plot/Synopsis section of this movie trailer impression for 2017's Bliss. Its either an official PR material from the Bliss production team of ABS-CBN (official source of the plot) that overdid it. But I am not complaining that it a minor nitpick. My curiosity was piqued and will be checking Bliss once it hits the theaters on MAy 10 .

Bliss 2017 Filipino movie title card from Artikulo Uno Productions directed by Jerrold Tarog starring Iza Calzado, TJ Trinidad, Ian Veneracion, Shamaine Buencamino, Audie Gemora, and Adrienne Vergara showing on May 10, 2017

How about you guys? What do you think about this seemingly controversial (at first) and internationally recognized film? What are your thoughts about MTRCB ratings and what probably have been cut in the R-18 version of the film? Do you think the adult Filipino movie going audience are not prepared to see such adult themes on the big screen as what the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board is somewhat implying? Share your thoughts and opinion about Bliss (2017) official movie trailer in the comments section below and let's discuss about it.
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