June 3, 2017

Kita Kita (2017) Trailer Impressions: A Love Story Beyond Beauty

Kita Kita is a romantic comedy from from Spring Films under the screenplay and direction of Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo starring Alessandra De Rossi and Empoy Marquez slated for a July 19, 2017 theatrical release. Kita Kita was initially screened and competed in the World Premiere division of the Osaka Asian Film Festival 2017. Let's check out what this highly unlikely love team of Empoy and Alessandra De Rossi has to offer.

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Kita Kita
Plot / Synopsis

Lea (Alessandra de Rossi) and Tonyo (Empoy Marquez) are two Filipinos living in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Lea is a Velo taxi tour guide. She suffers an accident which leads to her being affected by temporary blindness. Her blindness, if not cured in a few weeks, could become permanent. Tonyo is also a Filipino who lives right across from Lea. Lea tries her best to ignore him at first because she is scared of not seeing him. But Tonyo is persistent and is determined to be her friend, using humor and kindness to make a connection. With every effort that he makes the two gradually become closer. In an ironic way, becoming blind allows Lea to see the true character of Tonyo.

This story is about perception and about how sometimes we can’t see the real story behind a person. As Lea’s story ends, we will see Tonyo’s story begin.

Source: Osaka Asian Film Festival 2017 Film Page

Watch Kita Kita Official trailer here:

Kita Kita Official Trailer Impression
Kita Kita Film Trailer Review

Kita Kita 2017 romcom written and directed by Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo starring Alessandra De Rossi and Empoy Marquez

What can be said about Kita Kita (2017) official movie trailer? Well, the film pits two highly unlikely love team together of a not so good looking guy and a beautiful woman falling in love but somehow throw them in a somewhat stereotypical scenario of how these kinds of set-up would work. In a world so keen on looks or the outer (skin-deep) physical beauty, how can attraction be even possible for those who lacks of it? The answer make the leading lady blind and then win them over by charms, wit, character, and genuine love. While this may sound a bit of a negative, it somehow works for Kita Kita.

Kita Kita 2017 romantic comedy Filipino movie from Spring Films directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo which premiered on Osaka Asian Film Festival 2017

A scenario that a good looking woman falling in love with someone who she might never consider falling in love with because of his physical deformities or innate "ugliness" (what is beauty, that is the question) has been done... just not that much in the big screen; at least not that much here in the Philippines. This is mostly done in a low budget usually one-hour long (plus commercials) one shots as if these kinds of things could never happen in real life. Well, guess what? It does. Just walk around the local malls and you will see these kinds of coupling. You might either be too cynical and start labeling it as something that one is just in it for the money (as nobody could ever fall in love with someone ugly), or be a romantic and label such scene as "true love."

Kita Kita 2017  featuring Alessandra De Rossi as Lea who has temporary blindness falling in love with Empoy Marquez as Tonyo

But again this is not done that much in the big screen here... not with an actual budget to it and in this charming way. A film that makes you feel good and just want to root for the relationship to work. With this comes the theorizing, was Lea blind the whole time or on the duration of the courting and romantic moments or is she fully aware of how Tonyo looked like? Is this going to be a happy ending (as how it normally should) or will it end tragic (could also be possible since this is not that mainstream of a film)? The mere fact that I am wondering and started theorizing means that I am interested in this highly unlikely pairing making a big splash. Move over MaiDen, Lizqueen, and KathNiel, there is a new pairing in town and it probably will bring much more realism and "kilig" than most of you have ever accomplished as this goes beyond the physical appearances alone.

Kita Kita 2017 film title card from Spring Films directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo starring Alessandra De Rossi and Empoy Marquez showing on July 19, 2017

How about you guys? What do you think about the Empoy and Alessandra team up in this film? Do you think there will ever be a mainstream film that would experiment on the romance genre that doesn't need to blind someone just for them to fall in love with one another? Do you ever think such pitch would work and why? Did you know that Kita Kita had an earlier Screening at UP Cine Adarna last May 2017? Were you one of those able to see it, what do you think of the film? Share your thoughts and opinion about Kita Kita (2017) official movie trailer in the comments section below and let's discuss about it.
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