July 12, 2017

INSTALADO (2017) Trailer Impressions: A Filipino Sci-Fi About Artificial Augmentation and Capitalism

INSTALADO is a science fiction film presented by Universal Harvester Incorporated, Kamaru Productions, Petix Productions, Batang Ina Productions, and Kapampangan Cinema Movement; under the screenplay and direction of Jason Paul Laxamana starring McCoy De Leon, Jun-jun Quintana, and Francis Magundayao slated for a limited screening from July 12 to 18, 2017 in selected cinemas (screening list available below). Let's check out what this Filipino sci-fi indie about artificial augmentation has to offer for the lucky few who will be able to catch it on its limited run.

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Plot / Synopsis

Victor lives in a time when the dominant form of education is through installation, a process wherein bodies of knowledge can be installed directly on people's brains using technology owned by big corporations. However, like many others in the agricultural town of Porac, Victor cannot afford the sky-high cost of installation, which he believes is the key to improve his family's life. To raise money for installation, Victor abandons farming and works as the housekeep of a wealthy childhood friend who has become extremely successful after undergoing a series of installations.

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Watch INSTALADO Official trailer here:

INSTALADO Official Trailer Impression
INSTALADO Film Trailer Review

INSTALADO 2017 sci-fi  written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana starring  McCoy De Leon, Jun-jun Quintana, and Francis Magundayao about artificial augmentation in an alternate futuristic Philippines

What can be said about INSTALADO (2017) official movie trailer? Well, I am actually quite impressed by this trailer and film as a whole. Let me ask you this first, how many Filipino films have been made under the science fiction genre? Yup, your guess is as good as mine. Not a lot, usually the ones I remember is from the Shake, Rattle, & Roll franchise but that is quite obscure as it still technically belongs to the horror genre; or maybe you know better than I do, so be sure to mention that in the comments section below. So it is quite, fascinating that the filmmakers who dare explore this genre is coming from the independent film industry, which is why I have all the respect for this industry.

INSTALADO 2017 sci-fi  Filipino movie about poverty and a futuristic alternate reality where artificial augmentation is prevalent

The film not only showcase that Filipino filmmakers can tackle sci-fi, but do it in a social and meta commentary kind of a manner; That INSTALADO reflects the ruthlessness of capitalism and how society works vis-a-vis what is observed in the current state of the Philippines or most countries centered on capitalism. The film also feature corruption into the mix; that absolute power corrupts; of depending too much on the status quo; on losing what truly is important - the self; the value of discipline and perseverance. The film isn't free from flaws just like any independent film on a tight budget out there (compared to the unlimited cash flow of the mainstream films that can only spew out Enteng Kabisote cliched variants that has overstayed its welcome). Good thing the focus isn't reliant on the computer generated graphics, but the story... of a bigger science fiction universe about artificial augmentation by large corporations but the narrative focuses only on a selected group of people at the grass-roots level of society which may or may not change the status quo. If it was made in Hollywood, it most probably would focus on the explosives or theatrics of this sci-fi world but of course we are talking about a Filipino sci-fi on a budget. If only bigger Filipino film studios gamble on newer independent scripts and filmmakers who prefer stories than conveyor-belt themes that doesn't even break the status quo.

INSTALADO 2017 Filipino indie sci-fi starring  McCoy De Leon, Jun-jun Quintana, and Francis Magundayao about artificial augmentation, capitalism, futuristic society

Catch INSTALADO on the following screening schedule:
July 12 (Wednesday)
11 AM - Robinsons Galleria
4 PM - SM Megamall
6:30 PM - SM Manila
9 PM - Greenbelt 1

July 13 (Thursday)
11 AM - Gateway
1:30 PM - Robinsons Galleria
6:30 PM - SM Megamall
9 PM - SM Manila

July 14 (Friday)
11 AM - Greenbelt 1
1:30 PM - SM Megamall
4 PM - Robinsons Galleria
9 PM - Gateway (GALA NIGHT)

July 15 (Saturday)
1:30 PM - Greenbelt 1
4 PM - SM Megamall
6:30 PM - SM Manila
6:30 PM - Gateway
6:30 PM - Robinsons Galleria

July 16 ( Sunday)
1:30 PM - Robinsons Galleria
6:30 PM - Greenbelt 1
9 PM - SM Megamall
9 PM - Gateway

July 17 (Monday)

6:30 PM - Greenbelt 1
9 PM - Gateway
9 PM - SM Megamall

July 18 (Tuesday)
11 AM - SM Manila
4 PM - Gateway
6:30 PM - SM Megamall
9 PM - Greenbelt 1
9 PM - Robinsons Galleria

INSTALADO 2017 Filipino film title card written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana starring  McCoy De Leon, Jun-jun Quintana, and Francis Magundayao slated for a limited screening from July 12 to 18, 2017

How about you guys? What do you think about this Filipino sci-fi film? Will you check it out this week (the writing of this post) to find out if it is as good as what the trailer has shown us? Will sci-fi ever worked here on the Philippines as much as horror and romance have? Share your thoughts and opinion about INSTALADO (2017) official movie trailer in the comments section below and let's discuss about it.
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