May 9, 2017

Dear Other Self (2017) Trailer Impressions: Choices and Lovers; To Stay or To Leave?

Dear Other Self is a romantic film from Star Cinema under the direction of Veronica Velasco starring Jodi Sta. Maria, Xian Lim, and Joseph Marco slated for a May 17, 2017 theatrical release. Let's check out what this latest Star cinema romcom with scenes shot from Thailand has to offer.

Dear Other Self 2017 movie trailer impressions Filipino romantic film trailer review Pinoy Movie Blogger

Dear Other Self
Plot / Synopsis

Star Cinema's "Dear Other Self" is about a woman who finds herself facing her two possible futures ahead of an important meeting at work, starring Jodi Sta. Maria in the lead role.

The quirky new flick shows what happens when she decides to stay at work or pursue her passion for travelling.

Source: ABS-CBN News

Watch Dear Other Self Official trailer here:

Dear Other Self Official Trailer Impression
Dear Other Self Film Trailer Review

Dear Other Self 2017 Star Cinema film shot in Thailand starring Jodi Sta. Maria, Xian Lim, and Joseph Marco love triangle

What can be said about Dear Other Self (2017) official movie trailer? Well, Jodi Sta. Maria is still as lovely as ever. You can partner her up with any leading man (no matter the age) and they will still look good together; she is simply that charming and flexible. Dear Other Self is another Star Cinema film shot overseas; this time in Thailand as showcased in the trailer. The film has also a curious presentation, a narrative that shows two possibilities.

Dear Other Self 2017 Filipino romantic film featuring Jodi Sta. Maria as Becky dreaming of a two life which all begin with a decision whether to resign from her job or pursue her dream to travel

The big question is whether the story (one or both) presented in the film are mere probabilities or they happened at the same time? We can see Jodi's character in front of a computer so who knows if this is the last part of the film and it is finally unveiled to us that one or even both potential decision (whether it be career or partner) is true. Because how can the leading lady live both lives, not unless they include a science fiction or fantasy element allowing her to move to realities or travel through time. If so, then that would make it more awesome! So that is the element of the film that got my curiosity piqued. Deatr Other Self seems to appear as a not-so-straightforward narrative (at least what was shown in the trailer) with a charming leading lady. Oh and again just as I've been constantly saying why aren't there any recognition or love for the writers or screenwriters; at least if cite it if the director is also behind the script.

Dear Other Self 2017 Filipino movie title card Star Cinema  directed by Veronica Velasco starring Jodi Sta. Maria, Xian Lim, and Joseph Marco showing on May 17, 2017

How about you guys? What do you think about this movie that present two distinct possibilities and at the center is a dreamy middle class woman who only want to have a good life? Are you a fan of Jodi Sta. Maria or have seen most of her television and movie projects? What is your most favorite? Share your thoughts and opinion about Dear Other Self (2017) official movie trailer in the comments section below and let's discuss about it.
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