April 14, 2012

Every Breath U Take Cinema Teaser Trailer Impressions: Piolo's Back on Star Cinema's 19th Anniversary Rom-Com Film

Every Breath U Take is a romantic comedy film from Star Cinema under the direction of Mae Czarina Cruz which stars Piolo Pascual and Angelica Panganiban. The film deemed by Star Cinema as "COM-ROM" (Comedy-Romance) will have a May 16, 2012 nationwide release. Let's check out the cinema teaser trailer for Every Breath U Take.

Every Breathe U Take 2012 cinema teaser trailer impressions romcom film teaser trailer review pinoy movie blogger

Every Breath U Take
Plot / Synopsis

Every Breath U Take follows the story of a womanizing bachelor who doesn't believe in love and a woman desperate to find one. When their paths meet, romance ensued.

Star Cinema's first COM-ROM offering on its 19th Anniversary! EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE starring Piolo Pascual and Angelica Panganiban coming to theaters on May 16, 2012.

Watch Every Breath U Take Official trailer here:

Every Breath U Take Teaser Trailer Impression
Every Breath U Take Cinema Teaser Film Trailer Review

Star Cinema, the home of Filipino romantic films, romantic comedies or comedy romance will be celebrating it's 19th Anniversary with the return of Star Cinema's leading man and hearthrob Piolo Pascual teaming up with Angelica Panganiban on Every breath U Take. Another romantic comedy film that can elicit the feeling of "kilig" (twitterpatted) to romantic comedy (Star Cinema) film fans.

Every Breathe U Take 2012 com-rom directed by Mae Czarina Cruz starring Piolo Pascual and Angelica Panganiban

Well what can't be said about Star Cinema romantic films, that it is going to be a blockbuster success just like it has always been in the past. It is going to be your standard romantic comedy that person first falls in love with another person, then the opposite person falls in love with that person, but then some conflict arises which may affect their relationship but in the end love will come through and live happily ever after. If by any chance this film doesn't use that formula, let me be struck by lightning and not cease to exist in the blogosphere Hahahaha. Even with all of the cliche I mentioned, women or couples who love their chick flicks will definitely see this, not to mention Star cinema or Piolo Pascual fans. I personally find Angelica's character charming in this teaser, let's just wait for the official trailer that will tell the inevitable conflict that will be (and always) present on such film genre.

Every Breathe U Take 2012 romantic comedy title 19th Anniversary Film of Star Cinema

How about you guys? What do you think about the return of the controversial Piolo Pascual in the genre that made him popular? Share your thoughts on Every Breath U Take cinema teaser trailer in the comments section below:
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