October 25, 2018

To Love Some Buddy (2018) Trailer Impressions: Zanjoe - Maja RomCom About Best Friends Trying Out Love

To Love Some Buddy is a 2018 romantic comedy film from Star Cinema under the direction of Jason Paul Laxamana starring Maja Salvador and Zanjoe Marudo with Donny Pangilinan and Phoebe Walker slated for an October 31, 2018 Philippine theatrical release. Let's check out what this latest romantic comedy Filipino about best friends trying out a serious relationship has to offer here at Pinoy Movie Blogger.

To Love Some Buddy 2018 movie trailer impressions romantic comedy film trailer reviews Pinoy Movie Blogger Feature

To Love Some Buddy
Plot / Synopsis

"After over a decade, college classmates FAITH (Maja Salvador) and JULIUS (Zanjoe Marudo) meet again, and from a seemingly awkward reunion, a friendship blooms. As their friendship gets deeper, so does their feelings for each other – leading them to try being a couple. But their friendship will be tested by the expectations and problems that come with a relationship.

Faith and Julius would journey to understanding that sometimes, choosing to commit to someone is also choosing to grow. This story is an anatomy of how friends turn into lovers—the mistakes that we do and the lessons we learn from it."

Source: Official Synopsis from Black Sheep's To Love Some Buddy YouTube Trailer

Watch To Love Some Buddy Official trailers here:

To Love Some Buddy Official Trailer Impression
To Love Some Buddy Film Trailer Review

To Love Some Buddy 2018 romantic comedy about two best friends trying out love, relationship and life as a growing couple

What can be said about To Love Some Buddy (2019) official movie trailers? Well, it is not a revolutionary film when it comes to the romantic comedy genre but its strength comes from the chemistry of its lead, Zanjoe Marudo and Maja Salvador; well at least that is how I perceive it in my end. Have seen a number of Filipino romantic films that doesn't really work and from what we can see in To Love Some Buddy, that isn't the case. So we have good chemistry, how about the story?

To Love Some Buddy 2018 Filipino film about growing together as a couple

The concept of (best) friends falling in love and eventually becoming a couple isn't exactly new, but hey what variety can we get from the romantic comedy genre. Sometimes all it needs is to go back to the basics. To whether this film will involve a third party can only be known once we actually see it when it hits Philippine theaters this October 31, 2018, from what we can see from the two trailers release, it feels more organic. Organic in a sense, that what the film's potential conflict is something that almost every real life couples face, being too comfortable with each other and lack of growth and support. While the first trailer showcase the bubbly and feel good aspect (the comedy) of the film, things take a sudden (but expected) turn on the second trailer showing what happens next after the two good best friends try out being a couple; of what comes after the honeymoon phase? What should every couple need in order to work. The story's "relatability" to the everyday Filipino couple and the leads' "chemistry" (can't emphasize this enough) are the two main things working for this film.

To Love Some Buddy 2018 Filipino romance with MAja Salvador as Faith and Zanjoe Marudo as Julius dealing with pains as boyfriend-girlfriend from being best friends

How about you guys? What do you think about this film about best friends becoming a couple being showing their struggles growing as a couple? Will you be seeing this Zanjoe Marudo - Maja Salvador 2018 romantic comedy film when it hits the theaters? Do you know someone or have you been in a similar set up in the past that you might want to share with us? Share your thoughts and opinion about To Love Some Buddy (2018) in the comments section below and let's discuss about it.

To Love Some Buddy 2018 romantic comedy film from Star Cinema directed by Jason Paul Laxamana starring Maja Salvador and Zanjoe Marudo showing on October 31, 2018
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