May 2, 2017

Luck At First Sight (2017) Trailer Impressions: A Fantastical Romance Story about Luck, Gambling, and Love

Luck At First Sight is a 2017 fantasy romance film from Viva Films under the direction of Dan Villegas starring Bela Padilla and Jericho Rosales slated for a May 3, 2017 theatrical release. Let's check out what this latest romantic comedy film from viva Films with a twist of fantasy elements has to offer.

Luck at First Sight 2017 movie trailer impressions romantic Filipino film trailer review Pinoy Movie Blogger

Luck At First Sight
Plot / Synopsis

A story about two people whose lives got intertwined by a fantastical circumstance, the (film's) concept of a "life charm". There is only one problem that endangers this continuous flood of charm, falling in love.

Watch Luck At First Sight Official trailer here:

Luck At First Sight Official Trailer Impression
Luck At First Sight Film Trailer Review

Luck at First Sight 2017 Filipino film featuring Asia King of Drama Jericho Rosales

What can be said about Luck At First Sight (2017) official movie trailer? Well, this kinds of romance stories is a bit refreshing really. Refreshing in a sense that this has more fantasy elements on it versus your usual conveyor belt romantic films produced recently. It is no rich guy fall for the poor girl (or vice versa) or the family of the couple are against the protagonist's union. I think this is one way for film studios to shake things up a bit or at least explore for the romance genre. Quite refreshing that it didn't came from Star Cinema this time, but rather from Viva Films. I always wonder why most of the time there isn't any love given for screenwriters on these kinds of films? We should know who to thank for delivering us with these innovative scripts (or burn if the script sucks). They should be credited as much as the director does along with the actors; or if it is also written by the director at least let us know if it is written and directed by him.

Luck at First Sight 2017 viva films featuring Bela Padilla and Jericho Rosales love team about life charm, good luck, gambling, and falling in love

The fantastical element is highly unlikely to happen in real life. Because how can there really be a charm that raises a person's luck or people pairing up that would boost their luck to a ridiculous level to the point that they are winning any and every bet (gambling). But of course, this is what makes the script and film special; its ridiculous concept. That there is a condition that has to be met in order to maintain this good luck and no surprise that it is the film's major plot point. We all know that love will love will triumph all but the question is how will they lead up to that part? The film seems to also dabble on gambling which is a serious psychological case to some especially once they are addicted to it which by how the trailer shows us happened to at least one of the main characters (Jericho). Jerciho Rosales and Bela Padilla has good chemistry on-screen making it an appealing (to me) as a romantic film. I usually tend to be a bit indifferent (even a grinch) towards these kinds of movies and their respective trailers, but somehow, I actually like how the film is presented via this trailer. Hey, here is a thought! They should have gambled their luck on a lottery at the very beginning, but who knows it might be featured there as well either as their first attempt to test their luck out or the towards the culmination of the film to prove that falling in love doesn't affect their luck; but I am simply guessing how it will unfold... which is good by the way as it indicate that I am particularly interested in the film.

Luck at First Sight 2017 viva films romantic movie title card directed by Dan Villegas starring Bela Padilla and Jericho Rosales showing on May 3, 2017

How about you guys? What do you think about this film focusing on good luck charms, gambling, and a romance smack right in between? Are you superstitious yourself or have a good luck charm that you have in you? Will you be seeing this film when it hits the theaters and why? Share your thoughts and opinion about Luck At First Sight (2017) trailer in the comments section below and let's discuss about it.
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